JT BASQUE Bar & Dining Room

Basque Family-Style Dinner*

Each meal includes:
Soup, Salad, Stew, Beans, French Fries, Bottle of Red Wine, Coffee, and Ice Cream
Served from 4pm – Close, Monday – Saturday

Choice of Entrée

Children under 12, half price (with half entrée)

*Our family-style meals include as many helpings of the side dishes as you can eat. We only charge more for entrées, garlic, wine, and dessert. Accordingly, you are welcome to take home unfinished entrées, but not the side dishes. Thank you!

Basque Family-Style Lunch*

Each meal includes:
Soup, Salad, Stew, Beans, French Fries, Bottle of Red Wine, Coffee, and Ice Cream

Served from 11:30am – 4pm, Monday – Saturday

Choice of Entrée


Served with French Fries and House Salad

Side Orders

Traditional Basque-American Cocktails

Picon Punch

One’s not enough & three’s too many. The iconic and enduring Basque-American libation born of the Basque boarding houses and restaurants in the American west. A Nevada staple for certain. Easy as it is strong. Dash of grenadine, one shot of amer picon (Torani), splash of club soda, float of brandy, garnished with a lemon twist. Say less, the best in the west.


The tx makes the ch sound. Born out of necessity in the little basque town of Getxo to serve a lot of wine cold and very quickly, a favorite of basque festivals to beat the summer heat. Red wine, ice, and coke. Few people take a lime, everybody takes a second. TXOTX

43 & Cream

Berrogeitahiru ta esne in Basque. The night cap’s night cap. The renowned Spanish liquor comprised of 43 natural ingredients lends its delectable vanilla body to accompany extraordinarily well with most anything. With milk, a sweet and smooth cocktail reminiscent of a vanilla milkshake only leaves your tastebuds wanting more. A substitution of soda water is a note-worthy alternative.

J.T. Sangria

A delicious and refreshing variation of classic festival sangrias made in large quantity. Made to order by the pint glass, our house red wine accompanied by ice, orange juice, pineapple juice, and a secret float of 43, fruit garnished, shaken to it’s frothy success, is a must-try, must-try-again! JT necessity. 


A stand-out, stand-alone liqueur made of sloe berries and Anisette hailing from the Basque Pyrenees, this sacred libation is made by hand in small batches throughout the baserri (farmhouses) of the Basque Country. Lending itself to variation by recipe, no two house’s Patxaran taste the same. A splendid attribute of this unique liqueur. Served on ice in our table wine glass. Patxaran, goxo patxaran. (Patxaran, delicious patxaran)

Winnemucca Coffee

Ever been to Winnemucca? As much warmth as you need to survive a single winter in the middle of our beloved rugged state, may be found in this glass. Half a shot of Very Smooth Brandy, an accompanying half of Anisette, garnished with a lemon twist, filled to the top with rich dark hot coffee. Intended to be drunk without cream. But your intention’s as good as ours! 

Coffee Royale

For those who prefer brandy over anything. A Winnemucca coffee without the Anisette. One shot of brandy, tall pour of hot coffee, garnished with a lemon twist. And so we dare asked, “Must this winter persist?”

Sagardoa (Basque Hard Cider)

The basque people’s staple and proven alcohol of choice. Made in appalling quantities for over a thousand years, the Basque’s traditional hard cider kept them scurvy-free at sea, and deliciously hydrated on land. 100% apple juice fermented including no added yeast or sugar, Basque Hard Cider is dry, delicious, and the incomparable mate to a hearty meal. Isastegi is the name of the cider house which produces this particular cider in the heart of the Basque Country; Tolosa, Gipuzkoa. Served with a long pour in the name of tradition and aeration, a table-side necessity for dining Basque! ‘Sagar’ meaning apple, and ‘ardo’ meaning wine, Basque Sagardoa is the world’s best apple wine!

Beer & Other Selections


Sierra Nevada Pale Ale • Lagunitas IPA • Michelob Ultra
 Ask about our seasonal selection

Bottled Premium

Guiness Draught • Stella Artois
Firestone Walker 805 • Modelo Especial

Bottled Domestic

Coors • Coors Light • Budweiser • Bud Light
MGD • Miller Lite • O’Douls (NA) • Coors Edge (NA)

Finnish Long Drink (Original or Peach)
High Noon Seltzer (Pineapple)

Wine Selections


La Crema Chardonnay

Sonoma, California

Ferrari Carano Pinot Grigio


Ameztoi Txakolina

Getaria, Euskal Herria

Rodney Strong Chardonnay

Sonoma, California

JT House Chardonnay


White Table Wine



Marqués de Riscal Reserva

Rioja Alavesa, Euskal Herria

Conundrum Red Blend


Campo Viejo Tempranillo

Logroño, Spain

Brownstone Cabernet Sauvignon

Lodi, California

JT House Merlot


JT Cabernet Sauvignon


Red Table Wine



Beringer White Zinfandel


Sparkling Wine

Freixenet Carta Nevada Brut


Freixenet Brut Split


Zonin Prosecco Split


Corkage Fee $10.00